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Session of the Public advisory (expert) council attached to the Minsk regional customs

On 10.30.2019 regular Session of the Public advisory (expert) council attached to the Minsk regional customs was held (hereinafter - Council).

The members of the council, as well as invited representatives of foreign economic activity entities, public associations, and unions have participated in the session.

Deputy Chairman of Council, First Deputy Head of Customs Vladimir Nikolaevich Popiylin has greeted the participants of the session with his welcoming remarks and explained its regulation.

The meeting has discussed experiment implemented by the Minsk regional customs and their effectiveness. They also have been familiarized with the application procedure of instant payment. The conditions of entry into the Republican Union of participants of customs relation and practical seminars on customs legislation expected in 2019 has been considered during the meeting.

The meeting participants have discussed the issue of setting deadlines for the submission of documents necessary for customs operations. As a result of these discussions, it was decided to clarify the availability of the submitted documents on the external mailbox of the customs clearance point and in case of its absence by the subsequent issuance of the requirement.

In order to increase the share of automatic release of goods exported from the customs territory of EAEU, the head of the customs control organization department Pavel Anatolyevich Lyudchik has focused attention on necessity to indicate the letter "C" in the second subsection of column 33 "code numbers " of the goods declaration (free from the application of prohibitions and restrictions), if the declared goods are classified according to the classification code of the unified Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity of the Eurasian Economic Union and (or) the name of goods are considered to be the subject to the application of prohibitions and restrictions when they are imported into the customs territory, but their characteristics and (or) area of application do not correspond to the goods in respect of which such measures are applied.

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