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Road safety

Inspector of the Agitation and Propaganda Department of Traffic Police of the Minsk City Executive Committee, senior lieutenant of police Roman Lashkevich held a lesson for employees of the Minsk regional customs on the topic: “Road safety in weather conditions worsen. Prevention of traffic accidents through the fault of persons driving vehicles. ”

R. Lashkevich cited statistics on road accidents. So, over the 9 months of this year in Minsk, 423 accidents were recorded (80% - due to the fault of drivers), as a result of which 23 people died. The number of accidents committed through the fault of drivers while intoxicated decreased by 21%

Still, the main type of accident remains a collision with pedestrians.

The main reasons for the accident are:

violation of the rules of passage of pedestrian crossings and intersections;

violation of maneuvering rules;

improper choice by speed drivers;

failure to maintain a safe distance.

The expert urged drivers to install DVRs in vehicles. These "impartial witnesses to the accident" record the situation around the car while it is moving and in the parking lot and, accordingly, are a good evidence base for lawsuits or disputes with insurance companies, helping to prove their case in disputed situations.

The invited specialist also drew attention to child injuries. According to him, most accidents involving minors occur due to violation of the rules for the safe transportation of children. Parents do not always fix belts in children's car seats, which sometimes costs the lives of children.

At the end of the lecture, Roman Lashkevich answered the questions of those present about the nuances in the rules of the road and the innovations that are used in the activities of the traffic police and are expected soon.

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